Sunday, June 12, 2011

Third Time was NOT the Charm with these Sunglasses

Ever fall in love with a pair of cheap sunglasses? And by cheap I mean under $20. 

I have.

I bought a pair of Champion brand sunglasses at Target about 6 months ago. I think they were $14.99.  They were perfect! I wasn't looking for "practical" sunglasses that keep out harmful rays, oh no, I wanted something that looked good. Now admittedly this style may not be for everyone, but what I liked right away was the fact that it fit so well on my face. I like sunglasses that are slightly wide which works well with my squarish head. Another important feature is that the sunglasses are high enough on my face so that they cover my eyebrows.  

Bushy eyebrows should be hidden.

What really sold me on them were the red reflective lenses. I may be too old to pull these off, but at least they made me feel like I looked cool wearing them.

And isn't that the real purpose of sunglasses?

No question, I loved these sunglasses. I loved them so much that when they broke after 4 months, I wrote it off to continuous use. Sure, even cheap sunglasses should last longer than 4 months....but they just looked so good.

Back I went to Target for another pair. Plunk down another $14.99 for the same exact pair.  Same routine started wearing them every day the sun was high in the sky....which in S. Florida is every day.

This time they lasted 3 weeks.  They broke in exactly the same place.  The hinge which connects the front part of the frame to the arms that goes over your ears.  

Now, I wasn't happy.  But I wasn't ready to give up on these glasses, yet.  I just loved them, too much!

Back to Target.  A little reluctantly, I plunked down another $14.99 and went home with my third pair of these Champion sunglasses.  Now this time I was more cautious.  I wouldn't wear them every day.  In fact, I didn't wear them for a few days.  

When I finally started wearing them....they lasted THREE days.

Now, I could blame Target or the fact that they were made in China (but what isn't now-a-days).  However, I choose to just find some new sunglasses....not made by Champion.

A pair of Oakley’s is starting to sound like a better cost option.

What would you do?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this story sounds just like something I'm going through right now. I bought myself a pair of $20 Champion sunglasses at Target just under 2 months ago, and I loved them--until they broke this past week. In my case, they disintegrated right in the middle, between the lenses, so my choices were to go the nerd-with-taped-glasses route, or use super glue. I used super glue, and they're back together again, but I'm unconvinced they'll hold up.

It really frosts my cookies, though, because these were an excellent pair of shades--polarized, stylish, and they fit my wide head perfectly, too. I was extra-careful with them, just like you, and they fell apart one day when I was gently taking them off to put back in their (safe, padded) home in the glove compartment.

I'm strongly considering returning them to Target for a refund. Is there any sort of "warranty" for glasses? I certainly didn't sit on them or mistreat them in any way--yet they vaporized in my hands.

Reading your story, it seems like Champion's sunglasses are just not up to par. Like you said, everything seems to be made in China nowadays, but I suppose I still expected some sort of durability and longevity from a brand like Champion. I believe I've bought $10 no-name sunglasses at Walgreen's and they lasted longer! (In fact, they're still lasting--they haven't broken in 10 years, though they're hardly as comfortable).

Is it possible for you to go back to Target and let them know of your situation? This seems inexcusable, and if it were any other kind of defective product, they would certainly give a refund or exchange. I would hope defective sunglasses are not exempt.